Call me crazy, but…

I LOVE to speak in front of large groups of people!

I know! WEIRD, right?

I actually love teaching, interacting, inspiring, and working alongside of amazing people like you who want to learn, grow, and have a good ol’ fashioned BLAST doing it!

You won’t get a typical, boring, snooze-fest kind of talk from me.

dr. erin

You will leave my speaking presentations feeling…

  • Inspired
  • Excited
  • Enriched
  • And FULL of new information and POSSIBILITY!

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Partial Client List

American Businesswomen Association

Professional Saleswomen of Nevada

The Tapestry Network of Reno

Arbonne International

Soroptomists of Nevada

Polka Dot Powerhouse

Chicks Connect

The Social Circle

Visionary of Reno

American Public Works Association

Casey Neilon and Associates

Regional Transportation Commission

Sacramento Regional Tapestry Network

Most Requested Talks

The Top 3 Mindset Mistakes Costing You Money…and How To Avoid Them! 

You will learn…

1) The differences between employee and entrepreneur mindsets…and why they are important.
2) How to effectively challenge the limiting beliefs, fears, and overwhelm that entrepreneurs most commonly face.
3) To use affirmations and positive self-talk to increase your influence, sales, and profits.

The Psychology of Success:  3 Steps to Massive Business Growth

You will learn…

1) How to find your mission; get on mission, and stay on mission.
2) The psychological importance of finding your “why”.
3) The high-performance habits of highly successful people.
4) How to work smarter, not harder.
5) How to overcome fear, obstacles, and distractions so you can accomplish your goals.

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About Dr. Erin Oksol

Dr. Erin is a successful professional speaker, business coach, psychologist, and best-selling author. She helps entrepreneurs grow their mindset, impact, and revenues. Dr. Erin shares useful tools, behavioral psychology, and practical steps you can use to take your business from good to GREAT!


don’t just take my word for it!

This is what my audience members have shared…

(makes me so proud and humbled)

“I never miss an opportunity to listen to Erin train. She speaks from the heart to inspire me to become a better version of myself. She is easy to listen to not only because of the knowledge she has to offer but by how relatable she is. Her positive energy is contagious and always gives me that extra dose whenever I need it.”
– S.S., Server

“Whenever I get the wonderful opportunity to listen to Erin talk I am renewed with passion and excitement. She speaks from the heart and she makes you want to lock arms with her and go wherever she is going. I’d follow her anywhere.”
– T.N., former college athlete/entrepreneur

“Erin shares and teaches with passion, clarity, and conviction. She empowers others to act. Erin’s humor and vivid examples make the lessons easy to remember and apply.”
– K.O., blogger/author

“Erin speaks with so much passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm that you’ll leave her presentations wanting to be a better version of yourself. She gives you permission to dream bigger than you ever thought was possible.”
– M.J., administrative assistant

“Dr. Erin is an absolute joy to hear speak. She has this unparalleled ability to motivate and inspire others to see in themselves what has often been covered. Erin is a true powerhouse speaker with a mix of humor, realism, and vision.”
– S.S., stay-at-home mom

dr. erin
dr. erin
dr. erin

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