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Amped! Podcast

Have you ever wondered if you could break the cycle of limiting thoughts about who you are, and who you could be?

Have you ever wished you could embrace challenges, struggles, and setbacks as a source of growth?

Welcome to AMPED! Where we’ll supercharge your success with High performance & Mindset coach, Dr. Erin!

You’ll learn the strategies, skills, tools & techniques to make a living doing what you love.

We’ll discuss scientifically backed strategies to improve your mindset, and ultimately, your bottom line!

It’s time…YOUR time…to step into Greatness! Get ready to get AMPED!

Podcast Episodes

For the very first episode of Amped! Supercharge Your Success with Dr. Erin she is featuring Rhonda Liebig where they talk about how to Revitalize Your Energy: Play at a High Level Without the High Fatigue.

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In today’s latest podcast from Amped! with Dr. Erin, she is featuring special guests Mary Cravets who is an International Speaker and a Client Generation Expert.  Topic is Owning your value in your business!

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Supercharge Your Success with Dr. Erin! She is featuring Pamela Zimmerman where they talk about how to have Peace Through Self-Care.

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