massive business success champions

Learn how to improve your mindset…and improve your bottom line!

Harness the power of community by getting ON MISSION with other purpose-filled entrepreneurs!

It is your time. Time to do what you love…and love what you earn-at the same time!

You have so many ideas, passions, and goals. Add in your amazing work ethic and dedication to turn your vision into a reality.

BUT sometimes you feel all alone.

mission mastermind

You may wonder…

  • Am I the only one who is struggling with this?
  • How does everyone else make it look so easy?
  • I need support, but where do I go?

LOOK no further! Your TRIBE is here for you!

As a psychologist, I know the incredible POWER of community!


Successful people surround themselves with others who are heading in the same direction—to the TOP!


  • Working with other entrepreneurs and business owners who want to get on mission!
  • Bouncing your ideas around with a group of highly motivated, smart, savvy business owners and leaders who are also committed to going places!
  • Learning from others’ successes and struggles, eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel, saving you TIME and ENERGY.
  • Being encouraged and supported by other entrepreneurs who face the same challenges as you, who are also not willing to settle for nothing but their BEST!


MASSIVE BUSINESS SUCCESS CHAMPIONS is a 6-month Premium Coaching Program where you will receive:

  • 24 individual coaching sessions with Dr. Erin
  • 6 mastermind calls with other business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Dr. Erin’s 6-month Online Course “The AMPED Business: Supercharge Your Success!”

As a BONUS, you will receive Dr. Erin’s digital course “Facebook Bootcamp” (valued at $4975)!

You will get ON MISSION in 3 key areas:

Identify your MISSION and your “WHY”

  • They say if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there!
  • The most important way to grow your business is to be crystal clear on where you are heading—what is your destination?
  • We will also explore your reasons for wanting such growth and change…your “WHY”. Your “why” (your mission…should you choose to accept it!) is what will help you overcome obstacles, improve your motivation, increase your focus, and emotionally recharge your batteries (we know the life of an entrepreneur can be overwhelming at times!)

Improve your MINDSET

  • Discover the most common limiting beliefs that keep people feeling stuck, fearful, and overwhelmed.
  • Learn how to apply cognitive techniques to “train your brain” to think like the champion you want to show up as in your business! Learn how to apply scientific research to create a mindset that will make you…not break you!
  • Learn how to take control of your thought life…and not have it control you!
  • Learn how to apply research-tested techniques to rewire your brain to lead you towards massive success.
  • Learn how visualizing, meditating, and intentions can actually create change in your life and your business.
  • Learn why improving your mindset is the fastest way to improving your BOTTOM LINE!

Take INSPIRED Actions

  • Successful business owners behave in certain ways and create “success routines” that they practice daily.
  • Their behaviors add up to massive success because they are strategic.
  • You will learn how to prioritize your time and learn how to say “yes” to only those things that serve your mission.
  • You will remove overwhelm and learn how to accomplish much with little to no struggle. You will complete this program feeling like you are the master of your time and your business.
  • You will no longer feel scattered and overwhelmed.
  • You will have clarity, focus, and purpose.
  • And the best part…you will learn how to WORK SMARTER, not harder!


  • Lifetime access to Dr. Erin’s audio training library and additional resources including videos, inspirational quotes, worksheets, and podcasts.
  • Private membership in Dr. Erin’s online community Facebook group.
  • Email support in-between coaching sessions to keep you feeling on-track and supported by Dr. Erin.
  • Dr. Erin’s personal library of recommended books & podcasts.
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